Gemeli Power is amazing. Her designs are a creative fusion of sexy yet elegant, unique yet classic, and 100% stunning. Every single stitch and seam is perfect, the fabric envelops you and flatters every line and curve of your body. When you’re wearing one of GP’s dresses, you not only look like a glamorous superstar, but you feel like one as well because her dresses make you feel like you can take on the world like the beautiful, sexy, amazing woman you are.

 Throughout the whole process, Gemeli was a star. She was consistently prompt with her replies, helpful with her advice, and an absolute pleasure to collaborate with. Her creative flair and attention to detail was evident when I received my D Dupey Dress in Teal Seal with the Malibu Pink contrast and it fit like a dream. I find myself coming up with excuses to go to events just so I can purchase more of her dresses. I’ve fallen in love with Gemeli Power’s designs and I know you will too!

Czarlette Velasco, November '12.

Today my first (of many to come) custom made Gemeli Power Bande II dresses arrived, which I am completely in love with. The dress is far more amazing than it looks in the already exquisite photos. It fits perfectly and arrived before my expectations for a custom made dress. Gemeli was completely professional to work with and knew exactly what I wanted via a few brief emails. Her unique style is so admirable and definitely one to turn heads! 

One super happy Kat!

Kathryn Alice Kidd, October '12.

Thanks to you! It was the first time I really got dressed up after having my daughter. She's 5 months now... And I'll tell you what your dress made me feel like a million bucks!!

Virginia, October '12.


OMG I got the dress today and tried it on. It looks so H.O.T!!! Cant wait to show you. Thank you so much for the fast delivery. 

Thanks Gemeli xxxx

Marie Antoinette, October '12.

Good morning ;) I just recieved the dress.. it's beautiful Gemeli thank you so much..I'm looking foward to wearing it and sending you a picture to show you what an amazing job you have done. 

Selina Habib, October '12.

Such a fabulous dress, thank you Gemeli! X

Bridget Grey-Thayer, September '12.

Dear Gemeli, I wore my Metal Enveloppe dress last night and felt so amazing. Everyone loved it and it was so flattering and perfectly cut. I think you have such a beautiful collection. I don't think I have ever been treated so well or felt so special during the process of buying a piece of clothing. Thank you so much, especially for customising certain parts of the dress for me and your fast service. 

Kind regards Ilaria, September '12. 

Gemeli, the dress looked fantastic! I got so many compliments on it at the engagement and it was such a pleasure to tell them where I got it from. I also had a girl private message me on Facebook this morning (I don't know who she is, she just saw my dress on a photo someone tagged me in) and asked me where I got my dress from, and I told her all about you :) 

Not only do you have beautiful pieces but you have excellent customer service, I've been bragging you to my friends and family all weekend! I can't wait for another occasion to come up so I can buy another one of your dresses :D 

Thank you so much for all your help, you will be hearing from me - and a lot more other girls soon!

xx Angeline, September '12.

Gemeli, I got my dress today and I LOVE it! It's PERFECT! I cant wait to wear it and I will put photos on your Facebook page, people should see how amazing and talented you are. I will order another dress very soon, I have more weddings coming up!

Thank you soooo much and will speak soon x x

Silvana, September '12.