Gemeli Power garments bestow an elusive, desirable quality with the entire process carried out in Australia & New Zealand. Every gown that Gemeli Power's team constructs is entirely custom made including the smallest detail. 

Drawing from her expansive and unique perspective, Gemeli's approach to fashion spans the ages, expressing both historical influences and illustrating a modern confidence - in her Signature Label she uses Couture techniques such as Moulage. 

Conceptualising her sophisticated evening-wear designs in her Signature Label, Gemeli artfully epitomizes the allure of her evening gowns in her diffusion line Jimmy Lee Beach Club for her younger clientele. 

Gemeli first studied Art in New Zealand, where she majored in Fashion Design. Winning multiple awards throughout her career, including the British Council's Deutz Fashion Design Ambassador Awards for three consecutive years.

After graduating, Gemeli spent five years travelling the world from her base in London - where she honed her distinctive aesthetics that celebrate and epitomise cultures from around the globe.